Tool for randomly select facebook Share or facebook Comment. Export and Save share or comment list to Excel file.


Andi Farida Merjan

Hari raya dapat THR Kompetisi Hadiah uang Tunai Dengan cara mengikuti (follow) akun Andi Farida merjan sampai muncul Gambar ketiga ( lihat tutorial gambar) Jangan lupa langsung screenshoot kirim & ketik di komentar done Pemenang diundi 5 orang Orang pertama 25 rb Orang kedua. 50 rb Orang ketiga. 100 rb Orang ke empat 150 rb Orang ke lima 200 rb Setelah itu jangan lupa share 5x diberanda FB kamu dan 5x share di group FB favorit kamu wajib like / ❤Semua data akan otomatis

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Exporting has been stopped, total number of record exceeds system support.


Why is the total number of record is not the same as in facebook?

List of "Share" the system collected is not equal to the number displayed in facebook because of
1. Privacy setting of the particular share is not "public". Any share with any privacy setting other than "public" will not be visible to our system (according to Facebook's privacy policy).
Tip: If you are running a promotional event inviting people to share your post, tell your fans to share it as "public". This will ensure that their shares will be visible to both our system and to you.

List of "Like" the system collected is not equal to the number displayed in facebook because of
1. Collectible "Like" is "Like" from actual person(account). Likes from Facebook's "promote" campaign will not be collected.
2. Privacy setting of "Like" owner account makes their account inaccessible.

Why are some comments not displayed here?
1. Some comments are spam. Facebook will not display them.
2. Comment author's Facebook account has been suspended. Facebook will not display any comments written by them.

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